I grew up in a small village in Moravia.
Some of my first memories are time spending with my grandmother knitting. Life was simpler and slower then, most everyday items were hand made before mass produced products had arrived. It is to these simple authentic times my products are based on.

I created my first pieces for my own use where I could not find what I wished for in stores. My designs are driven by simplicity and style which I believe are the keys to beauty.

I have always had a passion for fashion, photography and cinema. More recently this passion has resulted in the creation of ‘Bozidara’, the name my father gave me at birth meaning a present from God. My wish is that every piece that carries the Bozidara name should be a unique addition to your collection that you desire to wear. All are handmade, they are a reflection of my personality based on simplicity and uniqueness with inspiration from the world of fashion.